Register Marking on your Wrist with Wearable Tech

Marking registers on the PebbleWearable technology is certain to be a huge growth market in the coming years with Google officially stepping up to the plate with its Android Wear operating system coupled with some very appealing looking watches from Motorola along with ever increasing rumours of an Apple iWatch. But can these devices prove useful to complete simple tasks like marking a registers?

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Panel: The Future of Enterprise Mobility

While attending Mobile World Congress (the GSMA’s annual trade show for the mobile industry) I was invited to participate in a webinar with experts from SAP and Microsoft on the subject of enterprise mobility.

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The Basics of Responsive D3 Charts

d3.js Examples

d3.js Examples

I have recently discovered the d3.js (Data-Driven Documents) JavaScript library which can be used to create both traditional html content and amazing graphical visualisations directly from the underlying data of your page.  Today’s need to support the multitude of different end-user devices a responsively designed website is almost compulsory which relies on all content to respond appropriately to its container’s size.  Unfortunately the examples provided for d3 all use a fixed size.  This post shows how to create a basic responsive line/bubble chart.

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SoLAR Storm webinar – Learning Analytics at Tribal

What are we up to with Learning Analytics?

SoLAR Logo

I had the pleasure of being asked by SoLAR (Society for Learning Analytics Research) to do a talk for the first “SoLAR Storm” open webinar on the work we are doing with Learning Analytics.

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Inspiring ways to create and learn with digital content

Every week, we host ‘Thought Thursday’ in our Cambridge office and this week we looked at some inspiring ways people are creating and learning with interactive digital content.

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Geoff Stead leaves the lab

Geoff presenting at TEDxSadly, this is my last ever post to our Tribal Labs blog.

After three exciting years as Tribal’s Head of Innovation, I am leaving.

For those of you who have only met me via this blog, I have a long history here that predates my current role in our Innovation team. I have been working in the same business in Cambridge for almost 20 years. Always championing technology as a tool for learning. Always innovating. Always creating new things. Constantly learning from others.

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Using Learning Analytics to improve the student experience

Can Learning Analytics help to improve the student experience?

Yesterday I was asked to speak at the Higher Education Show in London about how higher education can engage with students through improved ICT. This is obviously a broad area, and there are many areas of technology which are changing the way that students are engaging with their university.

I decided to focus on an area which I think has the potential to transform the way that institutions support students: Learning Analytics.

Innovation - Learning Analytics - Data to help staff understand students better

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Mobile Learning: Mind the Gap

Is there a gap between mobile learning theory, and practice?

Last week I ran a strand at MobiMOOC 2012 exploring exactly this (for the uninitiated, MobiMOOC is an online, free to access course on mobile learning).

Together with my team, we have been deeply involved in mobile learning (both envisioning it and making it) for over 11 years. However, very little of that time has been spent in pure theory, so it was an interesting exercise mapping some of the current theories to live examples and then discussing with the attendees where the gaps lay (and how we might bridge them).

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jQuery HTML Timetable Layout

jQuery Timetable Mobile

jQuery Timetable Mobile

One of the key bits of information we need to display in the education sector are timetables.  This could be for learners, tutors or rooms.  I wrote my first HTML/Javascript Timetabling interface back in 2002 for ebs (Tribal’s further education product) which was a fairly painful mashup of HTML tables and Netscape/IE6 Javascript hacking.  It worked but the code wasn’t pretty.  The time had come to bring the HTML timetable up-to-date and once again, up steps jQuery to make life much, much easier.

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Multi-Column Bootstrap Definition Lists using JQuery

Multi Column Definition List

Multi Column Definition List

I’ve recently spent a bunch of time getting back into the world of HTML after many years in the world of WPF and Silverlight.  My recent visit to TechEd confirmed the rumours that Silverlight has stagnated and ultimately failed to tick the accessibility support box which has forced our hand back towards HTML.

Fortunately, in my absence, frameworks like JQuery and and Twitter’s Bootstrap have emerged (yes it has been that long!) and now creating a cross-device/browser website has become an enjoyable experience.  However, one of the things that has always bugged me about creating semantically correct HTML was that it always resulted in lots of vertical lists not making the most of horizontal space if it’s there.  In steps a bit of nifty JQuery to save the day…

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