Mobile Learning in 2012 – a crash course

While in the states I met up with Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review who was enthusiastic enough about our mobile learning work to interview us for his site.

As he was new to m-learning (and a good questioner), the interview ended up like a crash course in mobile learning. What works? What doesn’t? What we are up to?

Check it out. You will also get access to the first public info about the work we are doing to mobilise the US Department of Defense. They are using our mobile toolkit to roll out m-learning across vast numbers of their learners. Go-live is within the month.

Ewan, thanks for the enthusiasm.

Note to self – I need a haircut!


About Geoff Stead

Geoff is Tribal's Head of Innovation and a thought leader on new technologies and how they could be used for learning, communication and collaboration. He and his team of technical inventors and educational wizards build apps, tools and websites to serve learners and tutors across the world. His mission: find practical and meaningful uses for emerging technologies, embracing the power of web2.0, Social Media and Open Source Solutions to help to make learning and working better for all. He has a special interest in empowering hard to reach, excluded or disadvantaged learners. Follow Geoff on Twitter.
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